oh phooey

carpool; rode my bike/josh's things over to his house since he needed them, and then got a workout in by running back home.

carpool, carpool and carpool phooey

i reused a bag, bottle and recycled and researched a green article for examiner - get it here

the olsens twins

i'm pretty obsessed with the Olsens, so it came as a bit of a surprise when i logged onto style.com and found that the siblings were noted as one of the decade's fashion icons. i've always been a fan of their style, effortlessly attempted to mirror their wafted hair and confidence in my pre-teens and today their boho-chic. though i typically fail, any time i spot an ensemble or shimmering accessory that screams ashley or mary-kate i'm tempted to splurge. as my style begins to become something of my own i'm finally noticing that even subconsciously i've got a bit more grunge in me that i thought possible, though i'm still a conservative scaredy-cat.


are you a local expert?

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without carpooling with the girls, i'm really going to have to work on my skills for the rest of the week - especially since i 'misplaced' my reusable bags while grocery shopping twice this week...shoot! now would be a great time to purchase a Chico...


dr. seuss

"I have a great story to tell you today

about reading and writing the world-wide-web way.

A way that makes clicks and conversions and views

fills metrics reports full of whopping good news!

It starts with a plan to cut out the clutter

and make your site sticky, like thick peanut butter.

But first,

you must audit- find out what you’ve got,

and try to determine if you like it or not.

Next step- you should cut…






Rid yourself of that clutter, get out of your rut!

Cut out that bad filler,

no if, and, or but.

Because sometimes you’ll click to a not-so-good page

where HUGE blocks of text send you into a rage!

And you feel like you must find that writer to ask,

“How’s a someone supposed to perform a quick task?!”

Because that’s what your goal is, your reason for being-

to give information that’s easy for seeing.

Make sure that your copy is clean, clear, and dapper,

otherwise, please… toss it into the crapper.

Remember that people don’t visit to read-

they want to make use of the things that they see-d.

So remember when writing, there’s one simple rule:

it’s YOU that’s so helpful- a word’s just a tool."

The Content Wrangler


it's that time again....examine me!

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