my new city

i couldn't help but post some images from a recent trip to check out my new home. it was just as magical as i remember, and what made it even more perfect was that my family & friends came along for the ride! i'm looking forward to the wind and a very special "gate," among many other things...now to just get through the next few hours and hours



Without realizing it, I hit my one year. Here's what I've been up to in the last 365:

{among other things}

cups and cups and cups

Yesterday afternoon I had the pleasure of meeting up with Jessica Mandeville, founder and CEO of Myfashionplate.com. Meeting at La Jolla Fashion Film Festival this weekend, it was clear that we had similar interests and hit it off immediately. While our significant others were chatting about sports and work, we gushed about fashion and the world today, how to tap into the market and more.

As we discussed some of our favorite things in San Diego, she mentioned Cups - and we couldn't wait more than a few days to meet again and indulge in our favorite pastime, sweets. With a cup of milk and two minis, I couldn't have enjoyed every minute more! {so much for that diet, of sorts}

{via ohjoyeats}

french living

i found a new store this weekend, La Maisonnette in La Jolla. it's truly delicious if you want to add some real European charm to your home; the husband and wife team both lived in France (he's from there, she lived there for 25 years) and speak French fluently - they travel abroad all the time to pick up new items and are living and breathing the French lifestyle year round. how romantic would that be??

{ps. totally obsessed with these little chickies that i found, but i couldn't make the plunge and buy them - no idea where to put them! }


coastal home

i recently got to check out a home in la jolla that was gorgeous beyond gorgeous. built of totally unconventional products, the home was the essence of some kind of dream. besides the view, which couldn't be satisfied on film, the home's simple decor and family-centre makes it totally unique.


to knock your socks off

so i decided that as i prepare for my breast cancer walk, i'd start buying pink things to show off my process, just to catch people's attention so that they hopefully ask me what i'm up to - looks like these guys are already ahead of the curve - while i have some shorts and a tie dyed v-neck, i don't think i can compare to a bright pink fedora or a peter pan-esque florescent jumper...oh japan


i changed my mind

this place is like heaven...


{so much for not knowing what to eat}

what to eat now?

Last night PBS was airing Food, Inc., a harrowing tale about our food industry. it was pretty eye-opening, as they discussed everything from meat to products made of corn (which is basically everything) and the business behind it. one of the most shocking things i learned what that E. Coli is a new disease - one that formed in the business of mass producing huge quantities of meat quickly {i remember my mom used to tell me she loved raw hamburger; back in the '60s there was no such thing as salmonella} - farmer's are forced to feed their animals corn because it is cheap and easy to produce, though originally animals' bodies weren't built to digest such a product. now that these animals chow down on this familiar yellow substance with such gusto, their bodies have created the disease E. Coli to process it all, something that kills human too quickly {one family lost their son in just 12 days after being served recalled hamburger meat}

what can be done...really?


a healthy snack

i saw this image at the top of my search engine and couldn't help but click - it got better with size and i'm trying it out tonight, even with the rainy weather

this looks like every bite would be heaven


vintage, vintage, vintage

so this marks my first attempt at doing something much like every other fashion blog - a highlight of my daily wardrobe. though i will by no means market every single trend or brand, i feel like this is a great way to showcase my style

dress - vintage; belt - forever 21; ring - vintage, by Micha Design; necklace - vintage


oh, nina

when i started reading the blog post from marie claire's nina garcia, the infamously stylish judge on project runway and fashion editor for the famous mag, i couldn't help but drool at some of the items she choose to compare to the first lady's personal style. though i might have to disagree with her on that note, it goes without saying these are some truly american pieces {and items in which i cannot afford}

{clutch Diane von Furstenberg; Top AKA New York; Shoe Christian Louboutin; Belt 213 Industry, pants DKNY}



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thread event

for those who joined me in this year's Thread Show (my first), i think i might be speaking for everyone when i say it was one fantastic event. everyone i met was excited to talk about their product, and i couldn't have met more creative souls.



after getting a 'following' email on Twitter this morning from 1918vintage, i decided to do a little scooping. the name was enough to intrigue me, but i've been a little less reluctant to instantly follow anyone's blogs or twitter {i'm desperate for more followers/readers and don't feel like following everyone helps any!}. luckily, i was in for a sweet surprise; this lovely site not only fills my vintage appetite but also my blogging one! her blog is addicting and i'm pretty sure i'm going to cave soon enough on those sweet little pair of shoes...

{all images from 1918 vintage, latter missed connections}


wine time

right now, in the midst of our 80 degree hot streak, all i can think about is a wine tour. last year we celebrated my birthday in santa barbara's wine country, and with temecula just a few miles east of me i can almost taste the grapes. why does it only have to be thursday??


made for you

i believe this shirt was specifically made for someone i love. i'm not telling who, but i think he knows who he is.

Passion Pit

i'm pretty much obsessed with this group (i even started listening to them a few months back when John Mayer suggested it) and can't help but writing about them nearly once a month for my job. if you haven't listened to "sleepyhead" yet, what are you doing with your life? it's so addicting i'm always tempted to just get up and dance at my desk (but survive with a lil toe tapping instead)


thank you

so after three days of baking, experimenting and icing, my breast cancer cookies are finally done! i've made them to thank all of my lovely donors that have helped me already raise $1,750! walking the 3 day in november is going to be my biggest challenge yet, but i can't wait!

thanks for the help cupcakes & cashmere!

antsy for color

i don't know what it is....maybe it's just that we had a few rain drops last night and i'm now seeing clear skies...but i'm desperate for a little color or change. i can't decide if i want to indulge in a new throw pillow for the house, or a fun pair of earrings for an update wardrobe look...but i'm getting antsy to get out and explore the possibilities with the weekend nearly upon us!

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