DIY before Pinterest (a la 'Trading Spaces')

The discussion was childhood shows while strolling down Market one unseasonably warm summer afternoon recently (San Francisco has those day). Who hasn’t rallied off a list of signature Nickelodeon shows together with friends?   

Racing home after school wasn’t just about the homework for me - it was about TLC’s “Trading Spaces.” No, MTV’s “TRL” was not on my list. I don’t know if it was Paige’s effervescent smile or the speedy DIY sessions that magically transformed rooms in just 30 minutes, but I was a major fan. The minute my fingers touched the front door of my home, I was racing to the couch to catch up with my favorite gay designers and those unsuspecting families.  

My pure dedication to this show had all been forgotten. It was The Learning Channel’s ode to Do-it-Yourself projects before DIY became a popular Pinterest board. How could I have missed the connection? These were real people….painting their own walls! And using a sawmill to create an armoire! It was pure genius, in my opinion, even if I was never given permission to carve, paint or mount anything in my own home.

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Green Eggs & Ham

A play on green eggs and ham in San Diego that featured pork belly, a poached egg and collard greens. It was perfectly simple and the perfect accessory to a mimosa on a sunny SoCal patio


Panko Fish Tacos

I've been trying to find more recipes that use Panko as an ingredient, since I stocked up on the stuff a while back and have been stumped since. As a religious reader of A Cup of Jo, I enjoy her "best" recipes but often find them a bit overwhelming. This little treat was a perfect pick-me-up for the afternoon, and an easy meal to tackle for a late weeknight dinner

Happy Hump Day.

Happy Hump Day, ya'll. 

{one of my favorites from Rue}


Cooking with Lively

Like I lot of girls, I have an obsession with Vogue. And food (as if that wasn't obvious). While reading up on my favorite blogs via Feedly, I came across Post Grad Hair Cut, a fab blog that I read most religiously when I had the time. Of course, in all her wisdom, Samantha introduced me to a new food + Vogue web series with the beautiful Elettra on American Vogue's YouTube channel. A series that puts my favorite stars in front of my favorite things? I'm in. The episode above has Ms. Ryan Reynolds (aka Blake Lively) doing her thing in front of Brie and dough, making me envy her even more...but I forgive her, if only for the delicious recipe. 



On Wheels

I love to ride. I still have memories of my family taking weekend rides in our neighborhood, and miss my pink cruiser, which is currently stashed away in SoCal while I remain bikeless in SF. Ever since Jo introduced me to Spinlister, a bike sharing program designed much like my beloved Lyft, I thought it'd be a way to ride in the city. Truth be told, it never happened, and when the ride sharing company went caput a few months into it's introduction, I was pretty bummed (although the idea of riding down Market daily wasn't all that appealing). Now that summer is upon us, all the glamorous shots of bike rides has got me thinking it might be time to invest in something with a little more power. My cruiser should probably remain at the beach, anyway. 



Happy Weekend

What are your plans this weekend? 

I'm enjoying what could be one of my last weekends in SoCal for some sunshine, beach and biking. It's been a perfect week in a city I used to call home for nine years, and can't believe that in just a few weeks so much could be changing. 

I hope you have a fabulous, sunny filled Saturday & Sunday!



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Easy Dessert Pear Recipe

Over the holidays, we found a simple dessert that would compliment our heavy dinners consisting of roast turkey and mashed potatoes. It was light and refreshing, but still satisfied my nightly craving for something sweet. Using semi-sweet dark chocolate, we melted chips over the stove and dunked our pears top-up. After roasting a few fresh almonds and crushing them with a mallet, we rolled our chocolate dipped pears into the nutty crumble and let cool. We enjoyed cutting slices and sharing - such a simple recipe that is perfect for anyone looking to wean themselves off the sweets.  


Festival Style: Boho

It seems like everyone has already geared up for the summer festival schedule, especially some of my favorite retail outlets like ASOS, Anthropologie and even J. Crew. With the festival circuit just a few weeks away in the San Francisco Bay, here's hoping that our notoriously grey summer weather unveils a few purely un-stereotypical summer days. 

The boho-chic trend is constantly a favorite for festival season, and I was even surprised to see that my local J. Crew started filling racks with some seriously frilly, '70s style duds. I love how Free People constantly provides an outlet for care-free style, and that ASOS always offers authentic leather frills, flowers and fab fashion. 

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Falling in Love at a Coffee Shop

I'm usually plugged in to Pandora at work, and have found some great artists over the years (my roomie and I used to visit local San Diego venues like the Belly Up on the regular to see random acts we found through the musical site). Landon Pigg's "Falling in Love at a Coffee Shop" is one of those favorites. Hope it cheers up your afternoon. 

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My SF Life Thru Instagram

Enjoying the fall weather
The devil within from Mission’s Craftsman & Wolves
The Giants 2012 World Series Parade
The view from my Bernal Heights abode
Oyster shucking at Hog Island Oyster Company
Bernal Heights view
I’m a Lyft driver!
A classic Blue Bottle combination
A sip of Ritual Coffee from Hayes Valley
 Bowling the night away
A pop-up restaurant in Oakland
The ladies during a white party
My first Giants game of the season
The greenery in the city still astounds me
Color in Oakland's Temescal District 
Spare ribs in Oakland


A Home Worth Living In

There's something so exhilarating about taking a home tour that actually looks lived in. More often than not when I'm scrolling through some of my favorite blogs or perusing through Pinterest of stunning home interiors, I think to myself "Is that even livable?" When I was still contributing to the San Diego Community Newspaper Group, I was introduced to a number of amazing homes in La Jolla. Once particular abode still tickles my interior design fantasy for it's concrete interior, natural use of light and family style kitchen. Though the home owners were less than pleased with the resulting images, I am rather fond of the livability that is revealed in a place that breathes comfort while still exuding sophistication. (yes, that is an Aemes Chair). 


Surviving Green Hearts Frankie

Apparently I was living under a rock {I'm usually aware of fantastic fashion bloggers}, but I just discovered Frankie Hearts Fashion. Her effortless and wearable style is right up my alley - wearing clothes that I can actually see in my closet, and afford for my closet {including this asos number that is currently on it's way!}. I can't believe I didn't know about Nicole's sweet SoCal style, but to say the very least she's my new BFF


High & Low

{images: left, right}

(images: left, right}

I've always been inspired by color. But up until a few years ago, I was a plain Jane. I saw women wearing fun accessories and bright pink shoes, but couldn't ever bring myself to add those fun additions to my wardrobe. Now I'm all about adding a bit of flare to every ensemble, even if it comes in the form of a blue sparkly ball {one of my favorite accessories that always starts a conversation} or bright pink flats. 


Beach Essentials

Beach Essentials

My Beach Essentials 

Tory Burch printed top 
Anthropologie underwire bathing suit 
Havaianas slim shoes 
Sperry Top-Sider straw beach tote 
J.Crew striped hat 
Karen Walker Eyewear Northern Lights - Crazy Tort

Time for Tofu

I enjoy Pinterest for many reasons, but I have found that the only real-life piece of information I can actually relate to are the recipes. My "Tummy Goodness" board is filled with an obscene number of delectable treats - from chocolate donuts to tofu recipes. 

I adapted Season with Spice recipe one afternoon when I needed a little pick-me-up. I had the tofu and the panko flakes (something that had been lying around in the kitchen for too long), and added a few asian inspired sauces to the soy sauce when everything didn't add up. I would have enjoyed the fried tofu alone, with a little drizzle of sriracha, but thought the soy sauce bit was fun for the afternoon.  


Canyon Road in California

I run a certain path after work not for the heavily shaded trail but for the homes that lay beside it. 

Do you ever peek into homes and try to figure out what their lives are like? If I were to stroll by this Lafayette property, I would immediately think the owners were adventurers. It's surrounded by lush foliage that show off the Bay Area's unique climate; it's open windows are inviting and peaceful. Design is key to this property, especially since everything is clean and modern. Wouldn't you want to be their friend?

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Happy National Doughnut Day 2013

One of my favorite memories growing up was when my Dad took us to our neighborhood doughnut shop. After waking up early and enjoying a dose of weekend morning cartoons, my Dad would give us complete control over our doughnut decision. I usually went for the sprinkles, and my brother always tried to get the biggest one on the shelves. The place wasn't anything fancy, in fact I haven't been back to the joint since I could drive (and probably wouldn't want to). I remember being so small that one doughnut was just too big too finish - and usually my Dad polished off my half-eaten fried doughnut like it was no big deal. 

Happy National Doughnut Day 2013.  

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Links I Love

Following in the footsteps of one of my favorite bloggers (Cupcakes and Cashmere), I've put together a Friday fun list of links I loved this week: 

What happened to the seagulls at AT&T Park? Two San Francisco writers ponder this development in San Francisco Magazine

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Enjoy the perfect Pinterest picture, according to science {you're welcome}


Color Block

There's something so refreshing about summer. The colors, the heat, and the long days make it easy to fall it love with the season. I'm getting inspired this year by fun Etsy finds - including Kilim's shoes. Made from hand-woven Turkish rugs and bound by supple leather, they might be the perfect go-to slip on for that unique pop this year. Of course, Ikat pillows are always on my mind, especially when it comes time to find that perfect summer ensemble that'll put me in the right mood. 

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BaubleBar Birthday

Today marks one month until my birthday. 

My birthday tends to get overshadowed by the popular drinking holiday that falls on the same day, so there aren't many traditions that I keep for the annual celebration other than some form of red, white and blue appearing in the mix. But there's one thing that always remains an important staple marking another year of birth - I get myself a gift. This year I'm finally going to purchase something from BaubleBar. I've been eyeing their colorful gems on favorite bloggers and Pinterest for too long, and have decided to indulge on my own. Hooray!

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