salty crunch

There are some things that we can't predict,
and sometimes that's exactly what we need.


keep a song

This might just be the only completed 
part of our new home, but then again, 
things can always change. I love the detailing
on this table - it was a purchase during our trip 
to the Long Beach Antique Fair (as discussed here)
and made it's mark in my home. It's the first piece 
of real furniture I've ever owned, and guaranteed 
it's going to be with me for a while. 


where i come from

If you've got to indulge, why not do it right? 
For a press trip in Las Vegas a few weeks ago, 
we headed straight for the guilty pleasure - at 
Serendipity, where the claim to fame was all we
really needed to try. With the dry heat, we were 
screaming for more. 


hello, goodbye.

Here are a few snapshots I 
stole before leaving my old home 
of nearly two years. It was
a girlie place, to say the least, but 
just a few blocks from the beach so 
it was hard to complain about anything else. 


family matters

While it might not look like it, 
this was a total success in my mind 
as it was the first real meal I cooked 
for myself & Josh in our new place. 
There aren't any after pictures worth 
sharing because, well, I was still getting 
used to the oven...but nonetheless this simple 
meal - using Trader Joe's dough, eggs, 
bacon and shredded cheese - was delicious. 


You're a Fool

This ad is beyond adorable, 
and if I didn't already love those
Snickers ice cream bars I would 
go out and eat a few right now. 
Then again, I don't need much to coax 
me into eating more ice cream...
especially with this heat.I'll blame 
the heat, yup.


making time

After being so good for so many days,
the move was much harder than I expected...
especially since we still don't have an internet 
connection. Hopefully I'll finally be back to
 normal next week, fingers crossed. Until then,
 I'm still up for entertainment in other areas-
 like organizing our pictures 
and finally cleaning out my wallet. 

But it's official...I live with a boy. 

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