Dwell Studio

Josh surprised me the other night with a new subscription to Dwell Studio {yes, I am a design dork}, and the 2011 Holiday catalog just arrived. We're looking for a few more accents to complete our home, including throw pillows and a new media center, and Dwell Studio offers some great inspiration. The pillows are exactly what I love, though I'm having trouble convincing the boy of the same, as well as some fun knick-knacks for accessorizing the house. It's perfect for newbies with a little edge. 

Have you checked out Dwell Studio?



It always amazes me how creative some people are. Whenever I feel a little glum at work, or need a pick-me-up, I head to some of my favorite design or fashion blogs - these days, everyone is adding a little "DIY" into their lives. 

Though my recent attempt was a little less fantastic than I had hoped {I took serious inspiration from Coco + Kelly designer Cassandra}, I want to keep on trying. Especially after checking out these inspirational pieces from 20x200, an artistic endeavor that makes putting unique art affordably into your home. If you haven't tried it yet {I've got one, and given one}, it's worth a peak - you can get some pieces for as cheap as $20! 

{images: 1, 2, 3}


Like Crazy

This past weekend while at home, we watched the Sundance Award Winner "Like Crazy." A family friend's nephew wrote the award winning script, which was picked up by Paramount.

Our family wasn't a huge fan of the picture, but I can't stop thinking about how realistic the writing was - it wasn't your typical movie script, but it flowed like your modern-day relationship {a problem for some critics who had trouble staying focused}. It might have been that many of the relationship tidbits and traits reminded me of my own, and that feeling of first love was present in every "I miss you" text message or drunken phone call.

If you like love stories, and like rooting for the underdog, check out the trailer for "Like Crazy."


Bits of Home

Josh and I are getting ready to head to Santa Barbara for Thanksgiving tomorrow {we're hoping to avoid as much traffic as possible}. This year we'll be bringing back our green bean recipe from last year to the table, complete with fresh and crispy prosciutto, roasted pine nuts and lemon. We have a macaroni & cheese recipe that might come into the weekend later on, but we couldn't steal the spotlight from my mom's famous mashed potatoes and yams.

Happy Thanksgiving!


In a New York Minute

Shots from our New York trip, which I still can't believe happened more than a month ago. Since the year is starting to wrap up, I thought about everything I got to do this year....Las Vegas, Palm Springs, Chicago, La Paz, New York and probably a few road trips I've forgotten about. I've been wanting to travel more, and instead of waiting around I just booked those tickets, and I'm so glad it worked out {plus, I managed to tackle a lot more than I thought more this wish list}


Santa Barbara Girl

Though I've been living in San Diego for nearly a decade {gasp!}, I still consider Santa Barbara my home. While the city has changed a lot since I left - there are now more chain stores than I'd like to admit - there are a few simple pleasures I love to enjoy when I return home for the holidays. Until those sporadic dates appear, however, I recently discovered the adorable Samantha from Could I Have That. She helps ease my Santa Barbara nostalgia with her high fashion posts, foodie bits and Santa Barbara landscapes.


Pink Ladies

A year ago today, a friend and I walked 60 miles in 3 days. We aren't crazy, we were supporting a cause.

The Susan G. Komen 3-Day for the Cure is an amazing event, and I can't believe it's already been a year since we traipsed through the rain, slushing our sixth pair of socks together to make it to the finish line in Petco Park. After all of our hard work {weekend hikes, workouts and shopping for pink} it all went by too quickly. I can still remember the informational session we had at a public library...the moment we decided we were in, my heart couldn't stop pounding. In the end, it was all worth it. 

So here's to everyone that is participating in the 2012 San Diego 3 Day, and everyone who has helped the cause - Susan G. Komen is an amazing organization, and I'm so happy to call myself one of the thousands who have walked 60 miles in support of breast cancer research


Outfit Inspiration

Since I finally took the plunge and joined one of the {too} many sites out there to foster creativity, it's only natural that I eventually became obsessed. Pinterest is relatively simple and easily passes away evenings or slow work days. 

The reason why I started this blog in the first place was due to my addiction to certain fashion bloggers like Cupcakes and Cashmere, The Man Repeller and The Glamourai, daily outfit inspo reads that keep me going. While I'm not posing, at least there's a better idea of what I might be wearing, had I the pocketbook of said bloggers. 

{all images via Pinterest}



garlands for the x-mas tree {surprise find at Crate & Barrel}

new glassware {trying to find something appropriate to fit inside,
but all I can come up with is whiskey}

jacket from "new york" {that my mom actually purchased 
for me in SF since they were out of my size}



I finally got involved in Pinterest after seeing some of my favorite bloggers {like Emily}talk about the site for months. I don't have a wedding planned ahead, but I figured this is a great place to keep my ideas for the blog - even though I prefer showcasing my own photos most of the time.


Simple trip to Italy

He's been back for a few weeks, but since the boy returned from Europe he promised we'd be getting the most amazing truffle oil, Italian olive oil and vinegar, and a special vinegar that goes great on ice cream. Well, it finally arrived a few days ago and the bottles are too pretty I haven't wanted to open them. I'll probably try the ice cream treat first.



We purchased a Living Social deal for yoga, so we've been trying to get in as much vinyasa as possible. Needless to say, my body is tired. If it actually starts to rain this weekend as promised, I wouldn't be opposed to watching a few movies at home and pour over pictures from my summer trips. Here's to a wonderful weekend, whatever you end up doing.


Breakfast Over Easy

Absolutely my favorite meal is breakfast. Especially going out to eat for breakfast. These are a few snapshots from my trip to New York - Dean & Deluca {which took us forever to find}, 44 1/2 in the Meatpacking District and Tartine {thanks to a lovely recommendation from Cup of Jo}. One of the places I've been aching to try is Roscoes in LA, but since President Obama made an impromptu stop there on his recent trip to Cali, I doubt I'll be able to find a time outside of the weekend where it isn't packed.

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