Another experiment with Tim Ferris' healthy cookbook 4 Hour Body. Hardly a favorite, and probably one of the more difficult meals we've made since removing carbs from our diet, but it was still delicious. Fresh vegetables and a little bit of cinnamon gave this meal a quite and easy Mediterranean kick.


water diving

Colors with a yellow hue. Whatever that means. A little bit of sunshine is really all anyone needs to pick up their day. Snap a photo. Smile. Breathe in the fresh air. It makes a big difference in a day filled with stuffy shoulders and stuffy heads. 


a list

Things to try this summer:

1. Attend a showing at the local drive-in theater
2. Make my own jewelry {inspired from Anthropologie above}
3. Travel...a ton
4. Finish up the house (new sofa, coffee table and kitchen painting

5. Run a race
6. Learn to sew on my machine 
7. See a new band in concert 


dippin dots

Just a few snapshots of the new place. All taken at night because I don't have the time or energy to do it before I go to work at 7am, and it's not on my mind during the weekend. Such is life - what can I say. 


flower child

It look me a long time to accept skinny jeans (aka a move to Europe and month-long lost baggage forced me to accept skinny jeans), but I'm a little more excited about the latest jeans development. Rachel Zoe has obviously been a purveyor of the wide leg pant for years, but after spotting a sexy pair of them on Kelly Framel a la my daily read The Glamouri, I thought seriously about buying some myself (there was a Groupon at our local boutique Mog & Rue, who's got J Brand bells). The only concern is that I'm not a heels girl...will they look good with just some bejeweled flats?

{image via The Glamouri}


mixing glitter

On this deadly dreary day, all I can think about is that the moment it gets sunny out, I'm head to a pool or patio with soft lounge chairs and cocktail service. It's my own fault for this weather - I actually believed the weathermen and thought it'd be sunny and brought my bathing suit to work for an afternoon pick-me-up; there isn't a sunny ray in sight. These shots from my trip to the Park Hyatt Aviara will have to do for now. 


bubbles and rain

I've been lusting after these Charlotte Olympia shoes since I spotted them on The Man Repeller (one of my favorite reads as of late). While I know they are way out of my price range, when something tickles your dreams day in and day out, and you can continue to picture great outfits with them on, doesn't that mean they're a perfect fit. I tried the whole heels thing today...and lasted about five minutes. I think that's enough of a sign to steer clear of the wedges I've been searching for at Nordstrom, and pick up these pretty ladies.


swing swing

There are few things more exciting to me than visiting a new home store for the first time - especially one that is as chic as this one from La Jolla. There's a new one right by my house that I have been wanting to visit, hopefully if it's rainy this weekend I won't be distracted by the beach again, and head there tomorrow!  


a handful of characters

My first Picnik experience - it's with pictures that i have used before on the blog, but since we have been using this photo tool at work, i thought it'd be a fun experiment to use it for Surviving Green. Hopefully i'll be able to use it a little more often. 


Face Paint

According to most people, I'm very lucky. But I've realized something recently that may have shattered this world struck by luck. I think I've lost it. I don't know how it happened, but something seems to have slowly crept out of its hiding place in my mind and gone on summer holiday - except that our dates have been all messed up, and when I expected it home, there's nothing. I dream about it often, of all that would happen if the trip wasn't so prolonged, or if I'd had time to sit down and consider the delay. Instead, dreams pop into my head of the time when creativity and success weren't just a dream but a stepping stone and the whole entire world was at my fingertips. For now, I'm going to have to sit on my porch step for the mailman with news.


a horse race

This weekend, I made it my mission to create the most glutinous cheat day for Josh. it started with a breakfast of simple beignet mix that turned out to be the same mix his mom made when they were growing up {that got me super excited}. Though they weren't exactly like my favorites from Tupelo Junction, i plan on tackling that carmel apple sauce soon. 


I've come to realize that obsessing over outfits created by some of my favorite bloggers is probably unhealthy and unrealistic, since San Diego living is way too laid back for most of these styles. we're a flip-flop wearing city, an area that cares more about the weather and our beaches that how well our heels will look with a purse. On the other hand, capturing some real women on some of these blogs is making me feel a bit better. 

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