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I don't usually like re-posting images I've found in my daily blog reads, but after spotting this on some of my longtime favorites I couldn't help myself - seriously, these women are amazing. Putting a camel on the beach for a safari shoot? Needless to say I'm beyond impressed. It's making me daydream of the day when I'll be able to plan a photo shoot with exotic animals for my own magazine. 


My Boyfriend is on a Diet

Have you seen it? It's my new experiment. And something that has captured my attention more so than anything else right now. Check it out!


tailored crisp

This wasn't the most exciting dinner, but I wanted to spruce my salad up with a little parmesan crisp that I had once seen on some cooking channel show. Probably the easiest to put together, I just threw a handful of shredded parmesan onto a hot skillet and watched as it melted. It wasn't quite the concoction I had initially seen on my plate at restaurants, but it added a nice personality to an otherwise simple meal. 



This is probably one of my favorites pictures from when I studied abroad in Barcelona {a hot character from the Spanish city}. We've been talking a lot about traveling abroad lately, partly because someone is trying to plan a trip to Europe for the fall and partly because I've been feeling that itch again. Living in a foreign country was by far my most memorable experience in college and I couldn't have asked for a better group of girls (and boys, though they were few and far between).  


soup for you

This weekend was relatively low-key, and usually when I feel unproductive and we have the ingredients (or the energy to walk over to the grocery store), I want to bake. With the unseasonably warm weather, I opted for a fruit dessert that would curb all my sugary cravings. Since I was already familiar with the handy Martha Stewart dough recipe, this was relatively simple, though the warm weather probably made the sugary fruit mixture a bit more runny than anticipated. Still, it was delicious! 


bits of the weekend

Showing off my new bowls from Anthropologie {a lovely birthday present}, a fancy new bracelet as seen in my work photo shoot, my new TOMS {another birthday present} and a homemade gift certificate {my favorite kind}. Doesn't that bowl of cherries just scream summer? My frig is chock full of fun fruits that we only get good around this time of year: strawberries, cherries, blackberries, nectarines and plums. They have become a staple in my diet. And the boy's too - at least, during dessert time. 


pucker up

Summer is officially here, and I'm not just saying that because my birthday weekend finally kick-started the sun. Activities like fashion festivals, comics, birthday celebrations, farmer's market dates, horse races, hot dogs and heat. are all part of it This summer is definitely making up for the last with this weather, but since I've been finally sleeping at night I can't complain...thankfully we have windows in our office to sneak a peak at the gorgeous weather...that, and an ocean view.


one quarter

I was born strong, breaking bones along the way. I loved to fill the lines of elementary school paper with bits of reality and lots of imagination. And at the same time every year, starry lights fill the sky and celebrate the anniversary of my birth. So far, from what I have been told, there have been 25 nights of light. 

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