Food Art: Playing with Food

I like food...a lot. I practically moved to San Francisco because the San Diego food scene was a bore, and have continued to develop my passion for cuisine now that I consider myself an official resident. So when The Bold Italic - one of my favorite blogs - featured a conceptual art project that cut favorite foods in half (well, my favorite foods - like hot dogs, ice cream and noodles) - I had to share. 

The project comes from the mind of Beth Galton - see more images here. And read more about the artist online at The Bold Italic. 

Can you say #yum? 


Waiting on Downton Abbey

I don't have a tv in my new San Francisco apartment, but I still get to watch the majority of my favorite shows online. So it's no surprise during the "off season" when reruns of The Real Housewives weren't available I started picking up new shows. Downton Abbey was one of those - and boy, I am addicted.  

When People Magazine did a story about the actors visiting the United States, I was totally thrown off. Why aren't they in their uniform? I had gotten lost in their characters. I can't wait until next season. 

Do you watch?  


A New Outdoor Space

Since I've been back and forth between San Francisco and home lately, I've made it my mission to create an outdoor space in what used to be a garage in my parent's backyard. Santa Barbara's relatively moderate climate calls for an outdoor space that is both comfortable and cozy for those "winter" evenings, and I think that an outdoor living space is the perfect thing to accompany the pool and lush landscape we already have outside. I've been looking through Pinterest for some inspiration, and started watching HGTV ("Design on a Dime" is a new favorite!) for some additional ideas. It's going to be a DIY summer. 

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