and a sprinkle of magic

as a Harry Potter aficionado, i am equally as thrilled to enjoy the loveliness of new and unique fashion as i am to learn that our own little Hermoine (Emma Watson) is all grown up and looking super chic for fashionistas out there. i for one can't get over how much she's grown up since HP began and hope that the school daze doesn't hinder her from 'acting' out once again...i plan on snagging the Teen Vogue when it comes out, because well, let's face it, i'm still a bit of a teen-drama-queen.


just a lil pitfall

i've been having trouble deciding what i wanted to tackle for my next blog, as it was only a week or so ago that i decided this wouldn't just be about living green but about feeling green as well. though this weekend should have been filled with friends and family activities, i felt once again discrimination in my friend choices. as my birthday is fast approaching it has become even more relevant that this decade should be the time of my life and i am just not accepting that. instead i tend to dwell on whatever little situation hurt me most recently and focus on that rather than everything good - as i am most typically one to show my emotions on my sleeve i am having trouble faking a smile to those i choose to disapprove of; i know i should be more willing to see around the situation and not let it affect me, but it will as i personally invested serious time. i just can't seem to comprehend it, but i have to understand that not everyone is the same. though i've never truly thought of myself as a giving individual, i guess in comparison to many others (many of whom i've friended, invested time in, etc) i am the Gandhi or sorts (of course, extreme exaggeration). it's unfortunate, and the only words that could get me through the weekend were from my parents, desperately seeking their wisdom now more than ever before, and making me dream of when i can visit again.


i want a bite

this is why i want to live in New York. anything is possible. maybe i've watched too much sex and the city but something about the big apple just gets me all excited. i should probably visit before i make my final decision.


i even got barney on my side

i'm not sure if this is legit since i had trouble finding more information, but Barneys New York is giving 20 percent off for people interested in purchasing the new hand painted eco-friendly line Loomstate Organic if you bring in an old tee. 

San Francisco Barney's.
4th floor. 
Saturday, 2-5pm. 

check it out if in the area, i am totally jealous. 


just makes me want some for myself. 

hello world, here I am.

I decided today that I wasn't going to just post about surviving green in my label obsessed society, because frankly I would rather just live as green and healthy as possible before the rest of the world poops out. As a new blogger I've only recently discovered how "green" this entire process can be and am truly looking forward to writing and exploring everything I can about creating a healthier me and a happier Mother Earth. 

Though some who know me might be skeptical as to my concept behind such an endeavor, I hope to become a writer someday and I would just like to say that having someone read your personal work is so much more revealing than anything else in the world - and as I've never done this before it comes on a bit daunting. One of the biggest things I've struggled with over the years is finding my voice - while I'm still searching I'd like to think that this blog, in whatever arena, will help me get there. 

Meanwhile I'd like to think that this is just the beginning of all my discoveries as I grow and hopefully become more Mother Nature friendly! 


drink it up

I'm trying to be better about economizing, so when I visited Henry's Farmer Market this weekend, I was impressed that my favorite friendly market also is making steps to keep things organic while also stylish. The latest is the organic and biodynamic wine available in a boxed form; while I have yet to purchase the $17 box (even the box is made with organic materials!), here's what Henry's had to say:

"Under the new USDA National Organic Program, Organic Wines are made from certified organic grapes and contain no additives, such as sulfites or tartaric acid. Organic and biodynamic methods of food production seek to minimize damage to ecosystems and create a stable agriculture into perpetuity."

One of my most exciting discoveries that I read about was that Frey Vineyards is one of the few wineries that offers such eco-friendly harvesting - located in Redwood Valley, California, their website gives up a plethora of distributors in the US, Canada, Europe and Asia that sell this organic goodness. Finally I can enjoy a night out, or even a night in, guilt-free and green happy!


working it out.

While I'm athletic, I'm typically not one to go after those super "designer" athletic labels as they tend to be more expensive and less efficient (in all my years of running I've learned that Adidas and Nike are probably the two WORST shoes you could buy), so I was surprised one afternoon when I found a pair of yoga pants that not only fit my budget and eco-friendly hunger but also today's trend - and in an easily accessible fashion, no less. GAIAM organic yoga pants are extremely comfortable and accentuate all the right parts of one's body (particularly because they come in black, among other colors) and are found at such mainstream retail stores as Sport Chalet. 

While this was a surprise purchase to say the least, they are perfect for super early runs when it is too chilly to wear your favorite pair of shorts, among other activities (I've even been wearing them around the house when nothing else suits me). The pants are, to say the least, extremely durable and without putting too much emphasis on their fit, make your butt look great. With their organic cotton fabric you feel great about strutting your stuff in them, especially with the low eco-impact dyes that allow the chocolate, orchid or even just the charcoal make you feel great while also looking it. The style and comfort of these pants remind me of something like Hard Tail's pant that had everyone pointing out the red "Hard Tail" label just above the crack (excuse me, but you know it is true) as today anyone above 15 should admit that that specific trend is well overdo. With a little research I learned that reality star Kim Kardashian is a fan as she participates in the GAIAM Mind Body Heath Body Toning efforts - even more of a reason to show off that booty as Kim is known for her rather large behind and isn't afraid to show it off in all her sexy and earth-friendly gear! Class it up a bit with this lifestyle company that offers up apparel, a fitness center and more and keeps you in your budget while still remaining friendly to the place we inhabit. 


keep it 'real'

Are you reality television obsessed just as much as you are organically? Just as much as I love watching all my reality shows on basic cable, one recently inspired me to post again. As Bravo gears up to hand over their most popular show to Lifetime (duh! Project Runway!) they have been running reruns and I recalled last season's winner, Leanne Marshall, making a conscious effort to keep things green. While her label is still in development, just as much as Lauren Conrad's failed clothing line, Mary Kate and Ashley's Elizabeth James and other former contestant and winner Christian Siriano have earned clout for their time on the boob-tube, so will Leanne. The difference is that while not only is Marshall's look high-end, her material are organic. From her website, her Spring 2009 Haphazard Origami inspired line takes excess scrap materials, refolds them and mixes them with sustainable fibers along with traditional and recycled textiles to create another inspiring mix of colors and designs. Though she still only has a few pieces offered in stores (Foundation Garments and Seaplane, both in Portland, Oregon) along with her website, I for one will be the first in line when her new pieces become available through BlueFly - and hopefully some 

main department stores across the country! Just as much as I am retail-aholic, I'm a reality one, and I know that even those football playing fraternity boys will recognize a Project Runway name, especially when recycled materials are used to show off my figure!  

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