Shoe Secret

Lately I've been trying to avoid malls - mostly because I want to save as much dough until the big move, but also because I haven't been feeling inspired. That was until I saw these beauties from ShoeMint. You know when you see something you love and dream about it days later? Yeah, well I've been doing that for weeks with these puppies, but as fate would have it by the time it came to purchasing, they were all out of my size. 

I was originally introduced to ShoeMint through Mary-Kate and Ashley's site StyleMint, where I purchased an ultra fine 't' that goes with just about everything (and is my all-time favorite weekend shirt). I also have the biggest girl crush on Rachel Bilson since her days on The O.C. {I secretly watch 'Hart of Dixie' for her style alone} and since ShoeMint is designed with Bilson and Nicole Chavez, I couldn't resist. 



Everyone in the fashion world knows who Jamie Beck is - the celebrated photographer could easily manage to make a child's accident into a stunning shot worthy of a frame. Most of the time she is behind the camera, but every once in a while Beck steps out front-and-center on her personal blog to show off her great style. How does she get her hair to do that, I wonder. She has a great classic pinup girl look mixed with a bit of modern J. Crew. Love it. 

One of the first blogs I ever started reading was The Glamourai, and that's where I discovered Beck's Cinemagraph collaboration with Kevin Berg. So amazing!   

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Cleaning Up

While Ursus Wehrli's work ("The Art of Clean Up") is no spring chicken, it is certainly moving. The tedious work has no doubt gained traction for its unusual perspective, something that can remain timeless as new artists debut more extravagant works. I especially like the fruit bowl - which even goes so far as to separate the dots from the bowl. It's a very interesting retrospective on life and consumption, in my idea.



Etsy Obsession

I absolutely love Etsy, and although sometimes I forget it's around when I'm searching for something particular for my home, office or wardrobe it is always nice to get little reminders {like this one from Anne} about how wonderful this site is. I've only purchased a few things from here {like these sweet tiles} but every time something new pops up in my mailbox it's pleasantly packaged to perfection and completely fitting for my personal space. 

Though sometimes the items are a bit quirky, Etsy is an essential marketplace for anyone looking for something unique for their home, vintage finds or splendid local deals. I can't wait until I can completely outfit my home with some new additions - like those pillows! 

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