Print & Paper

I love finding hidden talent through social media, and after someone I follow tweeted about an amazing flickr post, I couldn't help myself but look - and fell in love as well! This would look great on my picture wall, when I get back to putting up all my pictures soon


Greens, Green are Good for the Heart

Sometimes fresh produce sounds so delicious - especially on really hot days or when I've eaten too many potato chips the night before. If greens aren't on my plate this evening, it's not going to be a good one.


Fluff & Stuff

I really think all I need right now is a comfy chair, a nice reading lamp & some time...



A whole hearted attempt at consuming a delicious meal at Hash House a Go Go in San Diego. While it was amazing, clearly I couldn't do this meal justice. Fortunately, it made a great dinner as well.


Happy Halloween

This Halloween, instead of carving pumpkins, we decided to decorate our house. Luckily, our adventure took up to Julien this year, where we found the perfect accessory to any October themed party - apples. Along with a baskets of red, green and golden apples we added a few sparkly touches to the house to spark up our spirits for the spooky holiday.


Accessories at a Ball

I always love finding hidden gems at special events, restaurants or shops, and during my weekend adventure at M.Dot's Gatsby Affair Fall 2010 fashion show at the W Hotel, that's just what happened. While waiting to say congrats to the designer, I captured a few classic cameras, head scarves wrapped around plastic mannequins and vintage costume jewelry. It got us thinking about accessories; any pop can truly make or break an outfit....or the ambiance of an affair. Perfect.


Halloween with Caramel Apples

After picking and consuming too many apples this weekend, and spotting the recent posting on one of my favorite blogs, I couldn't image not celebrating Halloween without a few caramel apples. Simple and straight to the point, it didn't even matter that they weren't the most gorgeous of specimens (let's hope the next batch gets a little better!) because they tasted delicious! 


Apple Picking

This weekend I was able to check off one of the many "to-dos" for living in San Diego - apple picking in Julian. The weather was absolutely perfect (apparently we missed the fog back home) and after a five hour hike avoid some cow road blocks, the rest of the afternoon was spent indulging in what Julian is known for most - apples. Our bag was filled to the brim with sweet apples (all of which we tried a few too many times) and then spent eating three types of apple pie a la mode.

Now my only problem is what to do with all these apples....got a great idea from Cupcakes & Cashmere...


Tick Tock, Tick Tock

While getting my watch sized this afternoon (as seen here), I discovered a little watch shop with great service and even better decor. It isn't often that there are shops these days that are anything but random jewels and evil little men, but this hidden gem offered surprise after surprise. I felt like I was walking back in time, or into the film set for "Benjamin Button" with these large scale watches.  


Hiking in the city

In my training for the Susan G. Komen 3 Day for the Cure, I visited a hiking trail a few weeks back and snapped this picture during the 8th mile. Quite a surprise for just a few miles off Black Mountain Road. 


a picture wall

While my wall is still a work in progress, clearly, through my writing over the past few months I've been able to catch a few samplings . While the wall still remains bare, I have a few more ideas in mind though my goal is to pick up a few additions to complete the affect. The last few are from Pierre Deux in La Jolla and Yorkshire Pine.


a house or a home

I took these while roaming the city...it's always fun to find some hidden European secrets in the States, especially since I'm longing for an adventure this summer. The last one reminds me of something I'd find in Tuscany, deep into the hillside.


idea for thought

While my world is built on the conventional, the article "Why I lived Out of a Suitcase for 10 months (and you should too!)" sparked my interest. Of course, I wouldn't think of living out of a suitcase for that many months because, well...I have too many outfits, but it's still the idea that got me wanting more {and wondering if I could tackle the challenge myself}

Like a la-la land in my head, the author writes:

"Showing up to work every day and performing wage labor is the opposite of discovering what makes you unique. You have to change your priorities in order to assign importance to the tasks placed in front of you. Once these priorities change, you’re spending most of your waking hours working for someone else, and by the time you get home at the end of the day the majority of your energy is spent. This environment makes it nearly impossible to “find yourself,” because by definition you’re part of someone else’s system."

{image from story}


Summer Milkshake Made Easy

Whenever I think of summertime I think of desserts...and lots of them. It's hot and with the sun's later bedtime I tend to stay awake past 9. Though I haven't given up my cupcake obsession or dedication to chocolate, I'm showing off an alternative I created one night when I was in the mood for something sweet but didn't have an easy solution in the freezer.

With three basic ingredients (most notably sans ice cream) this is probably the easiest and most nutritious 'milkshake' you'll ever taste. I start out with a bag of frozen berries (I'm using raspberries & blackberries), followed by a heaping scoop of fudge (my favorite is Fenton's) and a glug of milk (I've got fat free in the house most of the time, but it would probably be even tastier with something like 2%). Mix it all up in the blender and you've got yourself a heavenly treat that tastes just like a milkshake.

Sometimes if I'm having a really bad day or need a little extra umph I'll sprinkle a little extra chocolate syrup on top.



So it might not be all that exciting, or all that finished, but here's a new project I'm working on



Substance/Style/Social Feature

From the lovely lady & writer Erna Adelson comes her new blog (and my feature) Substance/Style/Social:

It’s always sunny


Currently of San Diego, CA

A self-described California eclectic. Could teach us all a thing or two aboutsustainability and shopping. Follow her, and you’ll see. : )


ol' glutenous me

This weekend was amazing - spent in the sun and getting things done, i picked up a few necessities and accessories for my home in the expansive Long Beach Antique Fair in Veteran's Stadium. It was a great weekend with the girls and such an easy trip we're planning for the next one already!


antiques hello

This weekend the girls' are heading to Long Beach to check out the infamous Antique Market that so many other bloggers in the area rave about {including Oh, hello friend}. I'm excited to get the chance to explore a new area and attempt to find an assortment of new items for my ever remodeled room.


Sail Away

It seems fitting that only now Refinery 29 would pop out another round of off-shore wardrobe enticements as the sunny months roll around. What surprises me is that the design is all too cliche - just last year when I began Surviving Green, my inspiration spawned from reusable, fashion friendly finds - and it wasn't difficult to find some sailing inspired getups. Still, I always appreciate a little RRR...[reduce, reuse, recycle]

designed by Angela Adams and found at J Crew.


1 + 1 = 3, 4, 5...?

i found this site pretty disturbing...and must admit that i've had a few of these drinks before. makes you really think about your sugar intact for the day when you see these equivalents...

at least i can stop at one cupcake, right?


divine in a cup

apparently i've become obsessed with cupcakes, because last night after dinner with the lovely Erna we finished our Spanish inspired meal with a cupcake from babycakes.

yes, the dinner was delicious but it was much more refreshing to talk to a fellow writer who wasn't looking to compete with me. rather, we exchanged ideas and thoughts on this social media world we're living in and vowed to help each other along in the process. granted its a cut throat world out there, but why would you want to do anything but be the most genuine person - good karma will help us writers in the long run, and making great contacts now can only be the best thing for making it

{image from babycakes FB}


just taste that freshness

With all the great plastic options that retails stores make available for consumers, it still really irks me that people use paper/plastic utensils EVERY SINGLE DAY. It isn't like making this kind of eco-friendly move is totally conscious because it is so simple – just reuse your coffee cup every morning or a plastic bowl for your breakfast/lunch. At work it might be tough, but everyone has a bit of storage space in their desk or leeway in their kitchen - Crate & Barrel even has some adorable options for taking the reusable route, which might cost more (but not a ton) initially but turns into money back into your pocket in the long run (and more time for Mother Nature too). Seriously people, why would you use 3 plastic forks a day anyway?

{crate & barrel}


Just another weekend in San Diego...

Weekend Events to Celebrate Spring


Think you have nothing to do this weekend? Think again.

San Diego is abuzz with spring as special events are happening both Saturday and Sunday. Don’t want to miss out on all that spring has to offer? Check out two events that are not to be missed.

The Food & Wine Classic benefiting the Chula Vista Nature Center is happening this Saturday from 4-7pm. Featuring local restaurants and wineries, San Diego Zoo’s animals, celebrity cooking demonstrations and musical performances by Julie Mack, your afternoon can be spent enjoying nature and some of San Diego’s best offerings. Held at the Chula Vista Nature Center on Gunpowder Point Drive, this event is just one way to celebrate and support our community. With year round events that celebrate local wildlife with exhibits, special guests and more – donate to the community while enjoying an afternoon in the sun.

On Sunday, May 16 the Renaissance neighborhood of San Diego – otherwise known as North Park – will host their 14th Annual Festival of the Arts. From 10am to 6pm on University, this free event welcomes thousands of artists who provide food, entertainment and more. Six musical stages will blow you away, while the international food court and handmade items showcase local talent. Perfect for the entire family, the North Park Festival of the Arts welcomes kids of all ages to the Kid’s Art Beat Area, Craft Beer Block, Beats & Eats Stage, Drowsy Maggie’s Stage and Beer Garden, Hands on Art Area and much more.

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local flavor

this past weekend i was able to check out our local farmer's in La Jolla -
besides being one of the biggest in the area, i was really amazed by all the fresh colors and inventive treats that showcase fun organics and local creativity;
it really shows that buying local is better!

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