I haven't quite perfected the type 
of vanity that goes along with taking 
pictures of myself for every blog post, 
so before that happens I thought it 
would be fun to capture a moment from a 
recent fashion show in San Diego. Surprising 
to see such a fashionable couple in this city! 
{Especially in comparison to these kids}


sweet treats

This weekend was all about family, and eating. 
Before all the celebrations began, we headed to 
one of my favorite sandwich shops that instantly 
brought back childhood memories - the owner 
hadn't changed a bit, there were piles of classic 
soda pop in the coolers & locals still flocked 
there by the dozens. It was a perfect treat before 
all the sweets the next day. 


let's get swept away

{vintage straw purse, others forever 21}

I've been uncontrollably lazy whenever we 
going out, and collecting over the shoulder 
purses has simplified the process. The top one 
is vintage from my mother - something I've 
had for a while but have been too afraid to use 


one childhood obsession

With all the parties, dinners and events going on lately, 
it took me a very long time to finally get this simple recipe 
together. It was successful when we were having all those rainy 
days last week, and easily a favorite! 


i'm a cheese ball

Eating great food is one of my life's greatest passions 
and snacking on scrumptious cheeses is one of my favorite 
past times, despite the high calorie intake. Some days 
it's easier to just forget about those kinds of things, anyway!

{from A Cup of Jo and photographer Jamie Beck}


summa time

{dress M. Dot, belt Urban Outfitters, sandals Sam Edelman}

it's summa time...and the living's easy. this weekend
there was no better escape from the heat wave other
than to just embrace it. needless to say, I rejoiced
in the sunburn come Monday, after the fog reared its ugly head.



I'm pretty excited to be making this purchase for our new home. 
These four little letters can't better explain what's getting put into our new casa - 
lots of L-O-V-E! 


shopping color

A few months back I went up to Costa Mesa for work, and snapped some pictures at the "anti-mall" 
just a few streets down from our hotel. It a quite the surprise to find some unique shops in a city 
known for one of the world's most generic, luxurious and commercialized shopping centers (South Coast Plaza)


home is where the heart is

Josh & I are finally making progress in finding out new home, and while we've had our disagreements about the exact neighborhood to live, we always agree on one thing - it has to be near the beach. Let's hope that we can find a great comprise this weekend.

Happy Friday!


Play time

A few weekends back, I got to play tourist in my home town. After driving up early on Friday morning, Santa Barbara introduced new colors with an evening at the Four Seasons. The perfect weekend started with a tour at the famed hotel. 


Pink Hues

I purchased this bright pink nail polish to honor all the pink ladies walking in the 3 Day for the Cure that my roommate and I participated in last year, but haven't been able to stop picking it up for my nails since then. The bright color makes every outfit pop as spring approaches, so I'll have a feeling it'll be replaced before I know it!  


Fashion Show

The lovely Michelle invited me to her spring/ summer show at the San Diego Se Hotel. "Ornamental Dreams" was picturesque in the frigid weather (those poor little girls in the swimsuits!) and really showed off M. Dot Design's unique style. I'm looking forward to wearing my summer dress once the weather finally stops being so dramatic 



Whenever we travel, I'm always interested in scouting out the latest restaurant or unique treat. During our last trip to San Francisco, we went all the way into the Mission District to try out the bacon latte - it wasn't worth the drive, but it was interesting to say the least. However, for New York's Shea Gallante's lobster BLT that was recently profiled on the Food & Wine site, I might just hop on a plane this instant to try it out - doesn't it just look delicious? Yum yum!

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