writing about travel today and dreaming of my next vacation. can it be here please? this is way too tempting...too bad rooms are about $2000 a night




After trying to get into the place for weeks, the girls & I finally made a trip out to Spread in North Park. Raved about my Tyler Florence, among other celebrity guests, Spread is actually all about the catering business but occasionally opens its doors to us plain folks for a little vegan treat. Served in large platters to share for the whole crew, dishes are created daily and represent the restaurant's theme: "nouveau comfort food." 


Pucker Up

While home for the holiday, we always like to treat ourselves to a extra special cocktail - during turkey day, we attempted a sweet concoction from a clementine that turned out to be a little too sweet for our taste-buds (surprisingly enough), so during Christmas it was back to a classic: the lemon drop. The bright yellow sugar was a little startling, but the homemade limoncello was a must. 

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