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As a former lingerie saleswoman I was ecstatic to learn that the latest addition in the Hanky Panky line were organic cotton panties. These lacey underwear is probably the most comfortable thing in the entire world are now made of organic cotton that is just as stretchy, smooth and comfy as the rest of their undies. Not a thong fan? Well, don't fret - as the convenient comfy undergarments in organic cotton are always available in boy shorts, another perfect addition to any woman's wardrobe or bedtime ritual. Not only are these items a great addition to your wardrobe but being made in the United States make travel time and expenses more organically fashionable as it takes less gas to ship in our own country! These designer panties are worth the money, but at eighteen bucks a pop, go during the Nordstrom sale at summer where they are combined in a three-fer deal! I am truly impressed that these guys are taking the step to make Hanky Pankies organic, as everyone sells them, from small little boutiques in my home town of Santa Barbara to the large department store chains of Nordstrom and Loehman's - I really love how great these underwear feel and every if its just underneath, you'll feel better wearing them, and not just because they are like velvet when on. 

the golden years

Eat Naturally
by Meaghan Clark 

EAT NATURALLY, introduced at Southern California’s Hilton and Doubletree hotels, is a new catering program that features local produce, a menu made of recyclable paper and an extensive organic wine list. There is a “massive trend toward green cuisine,” says area vice president for Southern California Joseph Kruvi.
Seven hotels in Southern California are implementing organic and seasonal menus. Local farmers will be contacted by chefs on a daily basis.Hotel Anaheim executive chef Fred Mensinga is leading the charge. The finest and most-organic materials will be used in “last-minute menus,” he says. “We’ll try to get away from the pesticides and hormones we eat every day.”It’s opening up a new market niche, Mensinga says. He’s already noticed a change in clientele. Though events may range from 20 to 2,000 people, finding the right banquet menu for a large group is tricky. Most organic farms are small, and the produce for a simple salad may be sourced from at least five different locations.
“We want the freshest,” says Kruvi. “Hilton chefs let the fresh, local, available ingredients inspire our seasonal menus.”
In addition to the strong push for local ingredients, Eat Naturally also eliminates trans fats. All eggs are from cage-free hens, and all meat is organic and from animals that have never been given hormones.


hold my breath, here i go

Most of the time I shop, it isn't with the mission that I'm going to find something cute as well as environmentally sustainable. So let's start with something easy that will make living in this world just a bit simpler - my first step to making myself just a tad bit more "green" was not quite literally on the outside (as in clothing) but within my everyday activities. 

Reusable bags! Not only are these becoming
 super trendy, in as many ways as they can, but the distributors have priced them super low ($1, generally) to keep them easy accessible. Whether you hop over to your favorite supermarket (Trader Joe's and Henry's are my favorite) or find an old one in the back of your closet from some random activities you've participated in over the years (the marathon's I've ran in always seem to hand out free, cloth bags), these guys not only accent your outfit with that bohemian look even the best hippies can't imitate while also showing off your desire to help out the environment. Nothing looks better than that! 

H20! My favorite healthy alternative to water bottles has become the Nalgene. Sure, the brand name is a bit more expensive that one's just picked up from the superstore, but if you are all about brands, everyone knows this one. Not only are you reusing something that you should be using/consuming every day, but it saves our landfills from those dozens upon dozens of plastic bottles that never really stopped being produced. Sure, Costco makes them cheap, but there is no alternative to an on-hand bottle that not only prevents any of those funny rumors about leaving plastic bottles in the sun to something that can easily fit into your purse and includes colorful options that aren't just for the latest athlete. 

Starbucks! The iconic green symbol with its white background isn't just filling up gossip magazines, it's filling up trash cans. Sure, you might look trendy the first five minutes it takes you to down coffee in the early hours of office time, but for the majority of us who don't have to worry about being pictured in Ok! Magazine the next day, check out the shelves during your latest coffee run. Filling them up are reusable mugs, and not just the jumbo ones your parents used growing up. Today, they are plastic, metal, pink, green and can even be filled with your pretty face via photo slots. Not only that, but when you bring in your reusable mug for your morning latte, the guys at Coffee Bean, Starbucks or any local shop give you a discount - a big one. Just the other morning I spent one tenth of what I would normally pay on a black coffee because of my handy dandy reusable mug. I finished the cup, washed it out and saved a tree. It is as easy as "One - Two - Three." 

you had me at 'hello'

I was born and bred on designer labels, though typically not able to afford the magic of Versace, Marc Jacobs, Zac Posen and Chanel, the sheer mystery of the power that the outfits and design that those pieces made me desire them all the more. So as the state of our world climbed into deeper disarray, with more commercial outpouring thanks to Al Green and just the hippie bohemian sense of style peeking into modern day boutiques, it has become the trend to pair today's 7 For all Mankind jeans with a shimmery headband and moccasins. Though our parents may sometimes scream, it isn't because of our utter lack of style aesthetic but the fact that some of the trends that epitomized their youth have returned in designer form, full price and made with half the effort. 

As I try to survive in a designer world that has cleared the path for off-the-beat style and ECO-FRIENDLY materials and development, I continue to attempt to take a step back and appreciate that sometimes when the desire to check the label is just something we've been brought up to do, maybe next time we'll check the fabric content and think about where all this came from rather than who wore this label across the red carpet. It's just a step. And sometimes, the organic part doesn't just happen through the fabric on your shoulders. 

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