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This plastic bag debate has got me thinking - while I love my Trader Joe's reusable tote, if it's not in my Prius when driving to the store or my bike basket when trucking over to the local produce shop, I am glad for the use of the store's provided plastic bags. Sure reusable bags have become much more hip and fashionable these days, as evident in the plethora of cheap and chic options every grocer offers up, among other shops, for a decent bag, but for those who like to reuse their plastic for a little trash can coater or lunch bag, why not let them? Surely the drippy meat from your deli will be much happier as will your guests when they enter into a bathroom sans defunct smells leaking from beside that toilet bowl. Likely there will always be fueling passions for every side, but it's hard to decide, isn't it?

Check out the sites that go pro and con:

The debate continues, though as liberal Seattle-its have learned, not everyone is game for such a huge change.

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