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While my world is built on the conventional, the article "Why I lived Out of a Suitcase for 10 months (and you should too!)" sparked my interest. Of course, I wouldn't think of living out of a suitcase for that many months because, well...I have too many outfits, but it's still the idea that got me wanting more {and wondering if I could tackle the challenge myself}

Like a la-la land in my head, the author writes:

"Showing up to work every day and performing wage labor is the opposite of discovering what makes you unique. You have to change your priorities in order to assign importance to the tasks placed in front of you. Once these priorities change, you’re spending most of your waking hours working for someone else, and by the time you get home at the end of the day the majority of your energy is spent. This environment makes it nearly impossible to “find yourself,” because by definition you’re part of someone else’s system."

{image from story}

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