what to eat now?

Last night PBS was airing Food, Inc., a harrowing tale about our food industry. it was pretty eye-opening, as they discussed everything from meat to products made of corn (which is basically everything) and the business behind it. one of the most shocking things i learned what that E. Coli is a new disease - one that formed in the business of mass producing huge quantities of meat quickly {i remember my mom used to tell me she loved raw hamburger; back in the '60s there was no such thing as salmonella} - farmer's are forced to feed their animals corn because it is cheap and easy to produce, though originally animals' bodies weren't built to digest such a product. now that these animals chow down on this familiar yellow substance with such gusto, their bodies have created the disease E. Coli to process it all, something that kills human too quickly {one family lost their son in just 12 days after being served recalled hamburger meat}

what can be done...really?

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  1. I've debating watching this but I don't know if my stomach could handle it. I've been a vegetarian since 2nd grade. It started because I was just a picky eater but hearing things like this reinforces my decision. I don't force my choice on anyone else but vegetarianism works for me. The crazy thing is, my family owns a BBQ catering/competition business!


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