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As a former lingerie saleswoman I was ecstatic to learn that the latest addition in the Hanky Panky line were organic cotton panties. These lacey underwear is probably the most comfortable thing in the entire world are now made of organic cotton that is just as stretchy, smooth and comfy as the rest of their undies. Not a thong fan? Well, don't fret - as the convenient comfy undergarments in organic cotton are always available in boy shorts, another perfect addition to any woman's wardrobe or bedtime ritual. Not only are these items a great addition to your wardrobe but being made in the United States make travel time and expenses more organically fashionable as it takes less gas to ship in our own country! These designer panties are worth the money, but at eighteen bucks a pop, go during the Nordstrom sale at summer where they are combined in a three-fer deal! I am truly impressed that these guys are taking the step to make Hanky Pankies organic, as everyone sells them, from small little boutiques in my home town of Santa Barbara to the large department store chains of Nordstrom and Loehman's - I really love how great these underwear feel and every if its just underneath, you'll feel better wearing them, and not just because they are like velvet when on. 

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