you had me at 'hello'

I was born and bred on designer labels, though typically not able to afford the magic of Versace, Marc Jacobs, Zac Posen and Chanel, the sheer mystery of the power that the outfits and design that those pieces made me desire them all the more. So as the state of our world climbed into deeper disarray, with more commercial outpouring thanks to Al Green and just the hippie bohemian sense of style peeking into modern day boutiques, it has become the trend to pair today's 7 For all Mankind jeans with a shimmery headband and moccasins. Though our parents may sometimes scream, it isn't because of our utter lack of style aesthetic but the fact that some of the trends that epitomized their youth have returned in designer form, full price and made with half the effort. 

As I try to survive in a designer world that has cleared the path for off-the-beat style and ECO-FRIENDLY materials and development, I continue to attempt to take a step back and appreciate that sometimes when the desire to check the label is just something we've been brought up to do, maybe next time we'll check the fabric content and think about where all this came from rather than who wore this label across the red carpet. It's just a step. And sometimes, the organic part doesn't just happen through the fabric on your shoulders. 

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