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With all the great plastic options that retails stores make available for consumers, it still really irks me that people use paper/plastic utensils EVERY SINGLE DAY. It isn't like making this kind of eco-friendly move is totally conscious because it is so simple – just reuse your coffee cup every morning or a plastic bowl for your breakfast/lunch. At work it might be tough, but everyone has a bit of storage space in their desk or leeway in their kitchen - Crate & Barrel even has some adorable options for taking the reusable route, which might cost more (but not a ton) initially but turns into money back into your pocket in the long run (and more time for Mother Nature too). Seriously people, why would you use 3 plastic forks a day anyway?

{crate & barrel}

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  1. Just found your blog and am loving it, especially this post! I'm thinking of getting picnic plates sort of like this, for the very reason you mentioned.


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