Jumping into SF

When you move to a new city, there are a lot of things to learn - navigating a neighborhood alone can tough, let alone an entire county full of new people, roads and restaurants. I've come to realize just in my short time in the Bay Area, despite coming here monthly as a kid, that I know very little. But this naivety is something to treasure, especially as I search for a space to call my own in San Francisco. 

The copious amount of neighborhoods in San Francisco alone is enough to make my head spin. Josh has used the site for international trips, but I haven't yet attempted to rent a space domestically, and moving to a new city seems like the perfect time. When guests come to visit, I'm planning on picking one for fun - maybe David's Old Victorian flat next to Alamo Square, or Tim's place near the Castro. With endless options for variety in the city, it might not be so difficult navigating after all. 

 Pacific Heights from Bobbi
 David's Victorian color

Tim's front room {images 3 & 4; all images from Airbnb} 

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