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 For anyone who follows me on Instagram, you must know I'm a little obsessed (I'm still a new iPhone user!). I recently started looking into a few more San Francisco start-ups while in search of a real-time passion, and ended up downloading Path. It has a pretty seamless interface similar to Facebook where inner-circle companions can share pictures, locations and more right from the iPhone. 

One of the most appealing aspects of Path is it's visually inspiring board - something that has kept me returning, particularly due in part to its Instagram-like photo sharing tool. Users can upload images from their phone and add a hue or tint similar to the now-Facebook owned Instagram. The only downside to this unique bit is that some tools cost money ($0.99), a bummer but to be expected when Camera+ and others out there are succeeding in a similar price bracket. 

While Path might be appealing in this sense, I'm having trouble understanding why go to Path alone for the photo tool. There are several more options within Instagram alone, and considering Path is still a relatively new tool, very few of my 'close' friends are onboard already. Isn't the whole point of this social media thing to connect with others you might not otherwise have the chance of meeting with? 

What say you? 

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