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While I'm athletic, I'm typically not one to go after those super "designer" athletic labels as they tend to be more expensive and less efficient (in all my years of running I've learned that Adidas and Nike are probably the two WORST shoes you could buy), so I was surprised one afternoon when I found a pair of yoga pants that not only fit my budget and eco-friendly hunger but also today's trend - and in an easily accessible fashion, no less. GAIAM organic yoga pants are extremely comfortable and accentuate all the right parts of one's body (particularly because they come in black, among other colors) and are found at such mainstream retail stores as Sport Chalet. 

While this was a surprise purchase to say the least, they are perfect for super early runs when it is too chilly to wear your favorite pair of shorts, among other activities (I've even been wearing them around the house when nothing else suits me). The pants are, to say the least, extremely durable and without putting too much emphasis on their fit, make your butt look great. With their organic cotton fabric you feel great about strutting your stuff in them, especially with the low eco-impact dyes that allow the chocolate, orchid or even just the charcoal make you feel great while also looking it. The style and comfort of these pants remind me of something like Hard Tail's pant that had everyone pointing out the red "Hard Tail" label just above the crack (excuse me, but you know it is true) as today anyone above 15 should admit that that specific trend is well overdo. With a little research I learned that reality star Kim Kardashian is a fan as she participates in the GAIAM Mind Body Heath Body Toning efforts - even more of a reason to show off that booty as Kim is known for her rather large behind and isn't afraid to show it off in all her sexy and earth-friendly gear! Class it up a bit with this lifestyle company that offers up apparel, a fitness center and more and keeps you in your budget while still remaining friendly to the place we inhabit. 

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