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I'm trying to be better about economizing, so when I visited Henry's Farmer Market this weekend, I was impressed that my favorite friendly market also is making steps to keep things organic while also stylish. The latest is the organic and biodynamic wine available in a boxed form; while I have yet to purchase the $17 box (even the box is made with organic materials!), here's what Henry's had to say:

"Under the new USDA National Organic Program, Organic Wines are made from certified organic grapes and contain no additives, such as sulfites or tartaric acid. Organic and biodynamic methods of food production seek to minimize damage to ecosystems and create a stable agriculture into perpetuity."

One of my most exciting discoveries that I read about was that Frey Vineyards is one of the few wineries that offers such eco-friendly harvesting - located in Redwood Valley, California, their website gives up a plethora of distributors in the US, Canada, Europe and Asia that sell this organic goodness. Finally I can enjoy a night out, or even a night in, guilt-free and green happy!

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