With February's most coveted holiday fast approaching, treat your loved ones (which can include those other than your significant other and can even include yourself!) to some locally designed and sold specialties that truly complement the season. From moldy corners to vintage designs, these gifts are anything but the stereotypical luxuries of red roses and chocolates, but are a surefire way to flare up this feminine holiday.

Express your love the old fashion way, with a personally inscribed handkerchief that features a bit romance, a bit necessity and a lot of heart. It's a sweet, and cheap, gesture that can be purchased at any Anthropologie or designed by way of needle shops or craft stores (if you have that touch).

If you start looking now, you might catch an untimely secret - search through the stacks of any San Diego used bookstore or local farmer’s market and you might be lucky enough to find a book of poetry or love notes - choose one of your favorite pages and bookmark it with a self-penned note for that special someone.

Designed by San Diego's very own Corine, these love bracelets are sold all over the country - from Fred Segal in Los Angeles to Mondrian Hotel in Miami - but are designed right here in sunny so-cal. Custom orders aren't just a specialty but a necessity when deciding which inscriptions will fit that special someone’s style aesthetic and make a statement all in one.

Hidden between brick walls and foliage in downtown Bird Rock isCapricorn Boutique, where effortless vintage style isn't an accessory but a way of life. Following the sweet natured motif and design of the shop comes the latest accessory to find this locally owned boutique – La Pepita. Traveling all the way from Italy, these handmade pieces are sure to inspire more than just a Valentine's kiss.

Skin Authority is our favorite Carlsbad go-to destination for flawless skins and shimmery complexions; GO! Love is a 21 day supply of Skin Authority's top products to help keep your face glowing, and just in time for the special day, redefine those lines for a "'new romance' glow" with this total package.

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