it's a man hunt everyone

A recently received a 'help!' letter from a loyal reader, and wanted to share it all with you - in a fashion predicament, she turned to her favorite local style writer (that's me!) to see if I could help:

Dear Meaghan,

Thanks for always having fun, unique contributions to your Examiner! Its always a treat to have a new article to read. Based on your site and blog, I think you may be able to help me with my current fashion predicament. I am an admitted sunglasses addict - correction, a cheap sunglasses addict - but my $5-$15 sunglasses will no longer do. Due to extremely light sensitive eyes, I am in need of polarized lenses. The problem is that when I think of polarized sunglasses I think of the extremely sporty styles (which I have for snowboarding or similar activities) but I prefer fun, funky, oversized, brightly colored sunglasses.

Can you help me find a pair of affordable, fashionable polarized sunglasses? I am willing to invest in a pair of sunglasses that I will love and try to take good care of.


I am now on a mission San Diego fashion readers, so if you see me sporting all sorts of shades in and around town lately, you'll know what I'm searching for. Of course, I'm always willing to hear your latest suggestions...

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