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the bf and i went to this restaurant recently and i couldn't get enough - of the meat! i don't typically enjoy huge quantities of my little pink friend but this was the place to indulge

The Linkery

Our San Diego Local Expert says:

Locally grown, organized and developed, The Linkery boasts some of San Diego's best specialties.

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NileGuide Expert tip:

An 18% tip is included in every bill, and to top that all off, the service is great!

The Linkery Description:

  • It isn't about the unique ambiance at The Linkery, it's about the meat. If you're a meat lover, then this recently expanded meat market and restaurant/ bar is the place to consume massive amounts of locallyd created meat - with an extensive menu that requires a few questions here and there, a unique daily menu that showcases their freshest links, infamous hamburger, side entres of green beans and bacon-like skewers and a homegrown supply of cask wine, beer and everything in between, The Linkery in Northpark is where locals go to drink a beer, enjoy a quick appetizer or sit down for a full, relatively inexpensive meal with friends. Far from the stereotypical dishes you'll find at other restaurants, the food here is unlike any other (and fits perfectly within Northpark) while resting on some basics like hamburgers, flatbreads with gobs of cheese and meat, and sausages. Boasting a wide and near-total display of locally grown ingredients, what is extra special about this venue is that it offers the specific type of farm you'll find your tomato, your grapes, your cheese, your potato and your lettuce from.
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