oh, memories

After my grandfather moved from his large home (where my mother grew up) to a smaller home in a retirement community, everything had to be molded down into a small bedroom size frame, meaning that some of the classic pieces of furniture, dishes, memories and more my mom grew up with were tossed, given away or sold.

Now that I've become obsessed with everything vintage, I realize how much I'm going to be missing out by not having a few special items that I can say belonged to my mother, grandmother, and so on. While there are still a few lingering items here and there, my mother will throw out lines like "oh I had one of those" when I point something out to her at a vintage store or mention something I'm interested in...

For now, thanks to Habitually Chic, I'll be reliving those golden day via Style De Vie

Here we go!

{image Style de Vie}

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