Easy Summer Kale Smoothie

I love making smoothies at home. When I was growing up I would usually come home starving after track practice and make a fruit smoothie that filled me up until dinner. Since kale smoothies are the latest trend, I started to incorporate the green leafy treat into my fruit smoothies for a simple and healthy recipe that kick starts my morning. It's so easy to make and gives you a great balance of fruit and vegetables before morning coffee or after a long run. 

Simple Kale Smoothie Recipe 


1/2 plum, cut and diced 
1/2 mango, cut and peeled 
1/2 banana 
Two kale leaves, stripped and washed 
1/2 cup plain Greek yogurt (I usually just buy whatever is on sale but always double-check the level of sugar to be sure I'm not over doing it)
1/2 cup almond milk (I used vanilla flavored this time & it added a sweet punch) 
4 ice cubs 

Mix everything together in a blender, added the ice cubs last after a few spins. Enjoy! 

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