Plan a Picnic Party on your Phone

Picnics are usually easy - in my mind stopping by a Whole Foods on the way to the park to pick up cheeses, meat and bread is the perfect afternoon. Plus, we always bring lots of books to enjoy the sun. 

{Josh & I in Balboa Park}

Whenever planning a potluck, our group of friends usually sends out a mass email chain with event details and suggested food items. By the time the actual day of the event rolls around, there are more than a dozen emails floating around my inbox with the possible food item that might appear just hours later. Planning a party isn't a precise science, but when I discovered the app Springpad I thought finally! a place to organize every little detail, updated minute-to-minute. 

We carry our phones everywhere these days. It's the latest accessory. So offering an app that not only delivers real-time news on the latest event but helps to ease the tension of planning earns a gold star in my book. As someone who constantly finds recipes via Pinterest, Springpad will help launch a mini-salivation fest for all my friends - hopefully enticing a few more to show up to the big bash. 

Springpad is simple. You can save recipes, placed you'd like to go to on your picnic, things to bring (like a favorite book or magazine), by "springing" them into a Notebook that enables you to save and share with the entire clan. Plus, get this - the app will automatically store all the ingredients from each recipe in a notepad - how is that for efficient?  Share and save your plans while on-the-go (who isn't always on-the-go?) for real time fun. Plus guys, it's free! 

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