Foursquare + Samsung

It's amazing what you find when perusing the Internets all day. While scrolling through Twitter last week I found a partnership between FourSquare and Samsung Galaxy. 

With four million users, FourSquare is a unique platform that engages social savvy audiences with local destinations. When I first started using the platform, it was all about the specials - our favorite San Diego deli handed over a free bag of chips with every sandwich order, or our local pub gave out free tater-tots with every drink. 

Now it's less about the free stuff and more about socializing with likeminded individuals via local hot-spots (just the other day I bookmarked a new sushi place to try that was recommended by someone in San Diego). 

This Time Machine project is all about exploring where you've been, and where you're expected to go. My map is pretty California heavy, as you can see above, with a few outliers. It's a nice walk down memory lane, done beautifully (no doubt thanks to Samsung). 

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