DIY before Pinterest (a la 'Trading Spaces')

The discussion was childhood shows while strolling down Market one unseasonably warm summer afternoon recently (San Francisco has those day). Who hasn’t rallied off a list of signature Nickelodeon shows together with friends?   

Racing home after school wasn’t just about the homework for me - it was about TLC’s “Trading Spaces.” No, MTV’s “TRL” was not on my list. I don’t know if it was Paige’s effervescent smile or the speedy DIY sessions that magically transformed rooms in just 30 minutes, but I was a major fan. The minute my fingers touched the front door of my home, I was racing to the couch to catch up with my favorite gay designers and those unsuspecting families.  

My pure dedication to this show had all been forgotten. It was The Learning Channel’s ode to Do-it-Yourself projects before DIY became a popular Pinterest board. How could I have missed the connection? These were real people….painting their own walls! And using a sawmill to create an armoire! It was pure genius, in my opinion, even if I was never given permission to carve, paint or mount anything in my own home.

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