Time for Tofu

I enjoy Pinterest for many reasons, but I have found that the only real-life piece of information I can actually relate to are the recipes. My "Tummy Goodness" board is filled with an obscene number of delectable treats - from chocolate donuts to tofu recipes. 

I adapted Season with Spice recipe one afternoon when I needed a little pick-me-up. I had the tofu and the panko flakes (something that had been lying around in the kitchen for too long), and added a few asian inspired sauces to the soy sauce when everything didn't add up. I would have enjoyed the fried tofu alone, with a little drizzle of sriracha, but thought the soy sauce bit was fun for the afternoon.  

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  1. That looks awesome!!! I bet it will be good with aome fax seed with the panko!!!


Thanks for your kind words! (Only kind please, anonymous)

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